Release of album with Lauren Redhead: ‘feminist pirate broadcasts’

Earlier this month Lauren Redhead and I released our collaborative album feminist pirate broadcasts. This album is a set of 7 pieces comprising spoken voice and improvised e-violin playing. The texts were composed by Lauren using her own version of generative Oulipo techniques. The initial four pieces were recorded at the Experimental Studio at the South-West German Radio station, Freiburg in April 2023, and the 3 pieces that complete the album were recorded in 2021.

When recording these pieces the process of working – for my part – involved reading through each text, making notes about the kinds of ideas and sounds to play. During rehearsal the aim was to react to the text, the speaking itself, to comment on the text and play in parallel to it. The cover for this album is itself a graphic score (as yet uninterpreted) composed by Lauren in January 2024.

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