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Publication in New Sound: International Journal of Music
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This post announces the publication of a short contribution I made to the New Sound: International Journal of Music, based in Belgrade, Serbia, and was published in 2017. This publication was made as part of the RMA Music and/as Process … Read More

Broadcast of our performance of ‘Nemos Orgel’, by Mesias Maiguashca on NRK radio
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In addition to our performance of Mesias Maiguashca’s Nemos Orgel being broadcast on BBC Radio 3 a few weekends ago, it has been broadcast on NRK radio in Norway. The program is called Spillerom Søndag, and it can be heard … Read More

BBC Radio broadcast of our performance of ‘Nemos Orgel’ by Mesias Maiguashca
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Last Sunday both Lauren Redhead & I were positively surprised at learning that the recording of our performance of Mesias Maiguashca’s Nemos Orgel during the Only Connect / Tectonics Festival at the Stavanger Konserthus hosted by NyMusikk, on Saturday 24th … Read More

Duo Redhead/Zaldua: Performance of Nemos Orgel, by Mesias Maiguashca at NyMusikk / Only Connect Festival, Stavanger, Norway
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Together with Lauren Redhead, I am looking forward to performing Mesias Maiguashca’s masterpiece for organ and live electronics: Nemos Orgel at to the Only Connect Festival, at NyMusikk Stavanger on 24th May, 2019. This piece is a highly imaginative response … Read More

Performances in February and March: Captain Swing, manifesto, and Ian Pace at Huddersfield University
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Captain Swing: Gallery Studio 3, Kent Uni On March 31st my piece for narrator, improvising orchestra, live electronics, and conduction will be performed at Gallery Studio 3, at the University of Kent. This will be the 2nd performance since it’s … Read More