Publication in New Sound: International Journal of Music

This post announces the publication of a short contribution I made to the New Sound: International Journal of Music, based in Belgrade, Serbia, and was published in 2017. This publication was made as part of the RMA Music and/as Process study group, and was first presented as a group panel at the annual RMA conference in 2017, held in Liverpool. Among this group were: Lauren Redhead, Steve Gisby, and Sophie Stone, the presentation and publication was titled: ‘Performing Temporal Processes’. The journal itself is the New Sound: International Journal of Music, 50 (2018)and our article can be read here.Lauren Redhead, Alistair Zaldua, Steve Gisby and Sophie Stone, ‘Performing Temporal Processes’, New Sound: International Journal of Music, 50 (2018) read it here
‘Entoptic landscape and ijereja: music as an iterative process’, New Sound: International Journal of Music, 49 (2017) read it here

This article offers four examples of recent music that foregrounds time in different ways: my piece for solo percussion, foreign languages (2013–17), is discussed, in addition to Mathias Spahlinger’s Eigenzeit (from his set of around 25 concept pieces called vorschläge (1993–4)), Steve Gisby’s Iterative Music (2014–) project, and Sophie Stone’s As sure as time… (2016–). Each piece is outlined in terms of its musical processes and its relationship to time and the experience of time. These four examples comprise work involving soloists, ensembles, electronics, acoustic instruments, live, and recorded performances. These pieces offer a clear picture of the ways that a processual experience of time in music might add to a general consideration and conception of musical time itself.

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