Performances in February and March: Captain Swing, manifesto, and Ian Pace at Huddersfield University

Captain Swing: Gallery Studio 3, Kent Uni

On March 31st my piece for narrator, improvising orchestra, live electronics, and conduction will be performed at Gallery Studio 3, at the University of Kent. This will be the 2nd performance since it’s premiere in January. This link takes you to the Facebook page for more information.

sketch to the free: Hillingdon Music Festival/In Place Ensemble

February proved to be quite a busy month with two performances of my work for improvising ensemble sketch to the free which was performed twice during the Hillingdon Music Festival by the ‘In Place Ensemble’, conducted by Colin Riley. It was interesting to notice how the piece developed and improved from one performance to the next. During both performances the score was projected up onto the wall, and before it was performed the first time I gave a short description as to what my interests were, especially since this is a graphic score that has ‘parts’ for the ensemble, the conductor, a speaker part, and a part for live electronics. Perhaps more new works might have the benefit of their interpretation being developed if only they had this opportunity, so I felt quite lucky about this! Also the Hillingdon Festival is a new venture put on by the staff and students of Brunel University, which is around the corner form where my family live, so it had a very local feel to it!

Ian Pace performs sylph figures at Huddersfield University

Later in February Ian Pace performed by short piano piece written to commemorate his 50th birthday; this piece was sylph figures, and was performed during a lunchtime concert, at the Huddersfield University on Thursday, February 28. sylph figures was one of 17 short works written for Ian in December, 2017, which were compiled in a ‘volume’ for his 50th. Amongst the other composers who contributed to that volume are Walter Zimmerman, Michael Finnissy, Evan Johnson and Lauren Redhead!

hr-2 broadcast of manifesto for speaker and 14 instruments

I was also very happy to find out that my piece manifesto was broadcast by hr-2 (Hessian Radio) earlier in March. This was a recording of the performance by the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group in Trrier, Germany, September, 2018.

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