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I have recently received a copy of the cd release by the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group of the work I wrote last year: manifesto for solo speaker and a large chamber ensemble of 14 instruments. The text, which is mostly spoken, is based on two fragments from Marx and Engels’ Communist Manifesto, written in 1848. The recording was from the premiere which took place on September, 1st, (2018) at the Promotionsaula der Universität, Trier, Germany, which is also where, obviously, Karl Marx was born. The second performance took place a few days later on September 4th, at the CBSO Centre, Birmingham. manifesto was composed last year and received 3rd prize for the international composition competition Wilde Lieder: Marx Musik. Both performances were conducted by: Michael Wendeberg, the speaker was: Marcus Farnsworth.

This piece and recording can be heard here

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    Beautiful piece. The spoken text creates a very special atmosphere. 💕

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